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Firebird Firewalks

Live Life On Fire

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Transformational Experiences


Fire Walk

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Arrow Break

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Rebar Bend

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Glass Walk


Board Break

The Firebird Firewalks Experience

The Firebird Firewalks Experience

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Our Passion

Welcome to Firebird Firewalks, where we believe that every person has the power to transform their life. We offer unique, fire-based and experiential activities that can help you achieve personal growth, empowerment, and a greater understanding of yourself.

Our team of experienced coaches are dedicated to guiding you through this process and helping you overcome your limitations. With our help, you can discover your inner strength and gain the confidence to take on any challenge that comes your way.

Upcoming Public Events

What We Offer


Corporate Experiential Empowerment

Forge unbreakable teams. Overcome adversity, build resilience. Ignite your team's potential with powerful experiential workshops. Contact us today.

Charity Events

Host an unforgettable Charity Firewalk. Empower your participants, ignite passion for your cause. Unforgettable experience, proven results.


Captivate your audience, empower participants, boost sales. Festival firewalks: unforgettable experiences, proven results.

Firewalks for Film & TV

Ignite Your Story: Captivating Firewalks for Film & TV
Elevate your production with a powerful and visually stunning firewalk experience, expertly crafted for captivating on-screen moments.

Retreat Firewalks

Retreat Firewalks: Transform Lives, Ignite Passion. Bespoke experiences, expert guidance, unforgettable memories. Contact us today.

Firewalk Training

Ignite Passion, Lead with Heart. Train to become a certified Experiential Empowerment Coach & Firewalking Instructor with Olivia Beardsmore. Unforgettable experiences, life-changing results. Contact us today.