Olivia’s Story

Inspire, Energise and Empower . . . for good
I am a Warrioress . . .

… a sassy, kick-ass work in progress. I have an unbridled, single-minded enthusiasm for work, for fun … for life! Beneath this positive, infectious demeanour lies a burning fire of passion to do everything within my power to unleash the power of others. We all have enormous potential. I know I have – but what about you? Have you any idea how uniquely talented you are? Have you ever tried to dig deep and identify the incredible array of talents that you, me and everyone holds within?

Olivia with Ray Mears

SAS Survival Legend Lofty Wiseman with Olivia

Olivia with Ed Stafford, first man to walk the Amazon

My why

I haven’t always been aware of my Warrioress power. Like so many, I’ve endured my fair share of challenges. But in recent years, my Warrioress has come alive, energising my every thought, word and action. The Warrioress within me is as alive and definitely kicking. With a calm, resolute dedication, I devote myself to planning and creating the life I desire. I do this by helping others do the same for themselves.

My how


I lead and share experiential training programmes and events. These are designed to enable people like you and me to connect with themselves on a much deeper level. The results are often spectacular. Those I work with learn to identify, grasp and develop their true potential. They find they’re able to increase self-esteem to stratospheric levels and to understand the following profound truth – that through our hearts that we can live our authentic, intuitive, wild, creative, wonderful unique selves.

A proven business success


Over the past 13 years, I’ve created and managed two successful companies. I founded and developed Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine – a printed and digital publication which soon grew to be the most successful niche title in its category, worldwide. All this in the face of a challenging and declining print market.

Working with world famous survivalists


Alongside the magazine, I created The Bushcraft Show, just celebrating its 9th anniversary. This is a jam-packed, three-day outdoor event filled with amazing bushcraft and survival activities. These attract thousands of visitors and companies from across the globe. I’ve worked with many of the top international expeditioners and survivalists, including Ray Mears, Bear Grylls, Steve Backshall, Lofty Wiseman, Ed Stafford, Ben Fogle, Les Stroud, Mykel Hawke, Col. Blashford Snell, Cody Lundin, Les Hiddins and Dave Canterbury.

Sharing the power


Following those business successes, I was ready for the next challenge – the biggest of my life. I left my businesses to follow my Warrioress calling. My new goal was to share my own enlightenment to empower the lives of others. How? By applying revolutionary, transformational and ground-breaking courses and mentoring techniques.

Join me


– find out how to identify, grasp and develop your forgotten wisdom and
hidden potential. Join me in bringing bring harmony and balance to the Earth.

Join me


in bringing an innate, wild happiness to your life.

It’s time to reclaim your power!


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