Ceremonial Firewalks

Firewalking is an ancient ritual that has been practiced around the world for centuries. It is used to heal, celebrate and a rite of passage demonstrating courage, faith, and strength. A firewalk creates an incredible visual impact and an empowering, memorable, life-changing experience for you and your guest that they will never forget.


We create bespoke ceremonial firewalks for you. Some options include:


  • An engagement or wedding party firewalk for you and your guests
  • Casting Ceremony – Where ashes are scattered across the firewalk, intensions are set, forgiveness and love may form part of the ceremony to support your grieving process. Loved ones walk across the firewalk in honour and torelease.
  • As part of a Handfasting ceremony for you and your guests
  • A party or celebration
  • Vow renewal ceremony – celebration to re-affirm commitments made and to look ahead to a bright future together.


Your firewalk is tailored to your ceremony or celebration, catering for any themes and budget you have. We can point the firewalk into a given direction and even create the firewalk into a specific shape such as a heart, crown, figure of eight (symbolising eternity) etc. We provide all the equipment, and the site is left completely clear after the event. The firewalk is undertaken without any damage to the ground utilising our hidden ground protection equipment. 


As part of our Ceremonial Firewalk service, we include:

  • A dedicated member of staff to co-ordinate with you
  • Risk Assessment
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Professional Photography
  • Complete clear up of the venue
  • A team of trained staff to ensure a powerful and safe event
  • Other services include: Venue finder, refreshments, décor, celebrant, music, fire performers and fireworks etc.


Case study

With permission of Samantha, I share these sacred and powerful photographs from her ceremonial fire walk.


This incredible woman has been healing her ancestral wounds and trauma from being sexually trafficked by her mum until the age of 19. Her mum died in 2019 and Samantha asked me to hold a Ceremony on the full moon, which also happened to be her mum’s birthday.


A Goddess stood in all her power at the start of the firewalk where she’d scattered her mum’s ashes and read a moving letter to her mum. Holding ribbons bound together, symbolising umbilical cords she walked across the hot coals with her daughter, partner and two best friends supporting her.


She then burnt the letter in the fire and her five-year-old daughter washed her feet with cleansing herbs and water, literally washing her mother’s remains from her body and the symbolism this represents. Samantha and her daughter hugged, knowing the patterns of the past were broken for future generations.


Finally, her friends placed necklaces around her neck, one being a crystal containing her mum’s ashes, one with healing crystals and a handmade pendant depicting the moon.

It was such an honour to hold space for such a powerful and sacred ceremony and witness Samantha’s power and strength radiate. An incredible lady taking literal steps to heal her life and her future generations.

With over fifteen years in the events industry, Olivia has extensive experience of safety implementation and running firewalks for bespoke and large-scale events.


Olivia brings a burning passion to do everything she does, with many incredible testimonials. She gains connection with people and really understands how to install confidence and self-belief in those who undertake her powerful firewalks creating a magical experience.


Feel confident that you are choosing a professional company who are experienced with a proven record.


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