Corporate Experiential Empowerment

All businesses face adversity, particularly over the last couple of years, and as we move into uncertain financial times. Having a positive attitude to adversity reflects what is known as a ‘challenge mindset’ as opposed to a ‘threat mindset’ can make the distinguishing features of an elite team and a highly successful company.

Our primal human needs originated with strongly bonded groups, having a shared purpose and the code of actions to deliver this. A successful group metaphorically interlocks creating an unbreakable chain of togetherness.

One true competitive advantage is togetherness. Imagine a team where there is a true sense of belonging, feeling accepted, seen, included, and protected. This creates an environment for growth and success. When we feel part of a team our energy and focus pour into the team’s shared mission. We can lock into our role and deliver.

Through a series of experiential activities where you undertake what appears to be an impossible physically and mentally challenging task and then achieve it, the neurotransmitters in your brain rewire for success and you have physical evidence of this to refer to time and time again. Whether this be for your senior management teams or staff, the results are measurable both in the company and the individual personal growth of each attendee.

Each corporate day is tailored to you needs, your vision, time constraint and budget. We can cover more staff with half day events to full-day workshops, celebrating with an evening firewalk to end the day.

We provide all the equipment, and the site is left completely clear after the event. The firewalk is undertaken without any damage to the ground utilising our hidden ground protection equipment.

We are fully insured and will provide you with a risk assessment, along with a team of trained staff to ensure a fantastic safe event.

With over fifteen years in the events industry, creating two six figure businesses and leading over 100 staff, Olivia has extensive experience of what it takes for dynamic leadership, cohesive teamwork, and safety implementation.

Olivia brings a burning passion to do everything she does, with many incredible testimonials. She gains connection with people and really understands how to install confidence and self-belief in those who undertake her powerful and life-changing events.

Feel confident that you are choosing a professional company who are experienced with a proven record.

Experiential activities include:






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