Personal Power Days - 11th October 2020

202011oct10:00 am4:00 pmPersonal Power Days - 11th October 2020

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(Sunday) 10:00 am - 4:00 pm


Whistlewood Common

Melbourne, Derby DE73 8DH

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Personal Power Days

Turning Fear into Power

These are tough times – for us all.

Even if you’ve stayed healthy in body and mind, even if you’ve kept your job, even if the Coronavirus hasn’t touched you directly – you will know someone, probably someone close to you, who has been hurt in some way by this dreadful pandemic.

And what’s the single common outcome that has affected almost all of us?


Fear for our future. Fear for our present. Fear for ourselves but also for those we’re close to.

Thank goodness there’s a way out – a way to overpower the debilitating feeling that uncertainty brings. And this way out? Well, it’s you. You and your amazing Superpower – your ability to enhance that wonderful gift that’s within us all – empowerment.

A Day with Olivia

There’s no doubt that we’re all capable of self-empowerment. It’s there. Inside us. The problem is how to access it, how to spark it into life. This is where I come in.

Spend just a single day with me, and I’ll show you how to face and overcome your core fear. Think of the day as a journey. We begin with simply getting you still – getting you to breathe correctly and calmly. We locate your core fear and identify it for what it is.

Confronting the fear

Next, we deal with this fear – face it head-on. We undertake a series of experiential activities that powerfully confront and break down the fear, releasing you from its grip and finally – leaving you free to flourish and to live your life.
Throughout the process, as your fears decrease, you’ll feel your own unshakeable power remorselessly grow. You’ll stand in your strength.

What are the experiential activities? Well, they may include an arrow break, flaming board break or even a glass walk. I’m experienced at guiding clients through any number of activities, depending on their individual needs. Whatever path we take, you can be sure that, by the end, you feel a different person. Free from fear – positively empowered.

What about Olivia’s superpower?

I’m an INFJ, the rarest Myers-Briggs personality type. INFJs are creative solvers of people problems and bring innovative ideas for fostering human potential. This means I’m blessed with extraordinary powers of perception and intuition. I’ll create for you a unique programme of empowerment.

Your power isn’t what you do. It isn’t what you own. It’s what’s within you!

Take the first step – today!

Book to Personal Power Day and turn that fear into personal power.


Once you’ve booked your ticket, you will receive a call to discuss and prepare for the day.

Lunch included.

Should a suitable date not be listed, please contact with your preferred dates. You are welcome to bring a friend.

Time: 10:00 – 16:00

Location: Whistlewood Common – Eco Roundhouse, Melbourne, Derby, Derbyshire. DE73 8DH

Individual Price: £250