Seven Wonders Of Warrioress

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june 18 (Tuesday) - 21 (Friday)

Event Details

Seven Wonders of Warrioress

Discover the Warrioress Code and Live Your Life as a 21st Century Warrioress

 18th – 21st June 2019

Dear Beautiful Warrioress,

I personally want to invite you to an incredible, magical, life-changing, experiential retreat that no-one is offering anywhere in the world. I have undertaken my own quest to research, source and experience every element of this retreat as part of my own journey to claim and realise my authentic, intuitive, wild, creative and unique self. My Warrioress power is truly alive because of my life experiences, new adventures and a wealth of deep undeniable knowledge.

I know that my purpose is to share this journey and experiences so that as many wonderful women who are ready to discover, claim and ignite their power can live life with power, passion, truth, love and purpose and I have been guided to create this powerful and incredibly fun retreat for you. Laughter, inner growth, confidence, self-discovery and joy play a very big part of the experience and will connect you to your purpose and soul.

You may already be feeling the burning desire to attend this incredible retreat. If yes just realise that is your intuition guiding you that this is an important step in your journey, releasing and giving you newfound skills to commence your Warrioress journey. Imagine within 3 days you will receive this transformation, so you will no-longer be a slave to other people’s ideas of how you should live your life and become the women you choose to be, which is who you are meant to be. Live your life with and for a purpose, invest in yourself and positively impact those around you. I openheartedly welcome you to join me along with a small group of wonderful women who share the same desire and result.

I know that as part of this experience, you will not only realise your Warrioress power, but you will build long lasting relationships that will support you as you continue your life journey as a kick ass, sassy Warrioress.

Your intuition will guide you to say yes if this course is right for you and if you’re truly ready to claim your Warrioress power and live life to your highest potential. I know you have the power to make it happen as I have had the power to bringing this retreat together with the best team for this experience in a stunning location. I have provided further details about the retreat below for additional information. However;

 I know that the magic cannot be written but experienced”

~Olivia Beardsmore

I truly can’t wait to meet you if yes is what you are feeling right now. Once you have signed up, I will be sending out an invitation for a FREE introductory Webinar as I would love to connect live in preparation for this transformational retreat, the “Seven Wonders of Warrioress”.

Blue skies,

Olivia x

Count Me In!

I am delighted to have the renowned and talented Will Lord as part of my amazing team.

What is a Warrioress?

A warrioress lives her life with purpose, power and passion.


What are the Seven Wonders of Warrioress?

You only chose once to become a warrioress because choosing alters your fundamental approach to live life on your terms – ordinary or with purpose, power and passion. Every warrioress has a code, an invisible code known by a select few that will be revealed in this experiential retreat. Once you know the code your soul will vibrate truth and you will be guided and empowered through every step of your life. Consciously choose to live your life with power, purpose and passion and become a 21st Century warrioress.


What will I experience?

You will experience empowering activities teaching you the Seven Wonders of Warrioress which will enable you to empower your own life and the lives of others all set in the grounds of a luxury of a Georgian mansion house in the heart of a 500 acre country park. You will become a warrioress from the inside out by creating items of power that harness the vision and the tool kit that represent the warrioress from the outside in. You will keep your own handmade sword and shield along with some surprises.You will be individually professionally photographed on the final day, dressed as a warrioress and photographed alongside all the wonderful women on the course who made the same decision as you to reclaim their warrioress power. You will dine and be catered for by professional gourmet chef, Fraser Christian, with a final banquet to celebrate the becoming of your true warrioress self.


What’s included

  • Prior to the retreat you are added to a private Facebook group so you can introduce yourself and connect with the other women attending the retreat.

  • 3 nights accommodation in a luxurious Georgian house.

  • All rooms have two to three beds and you will share the room with one other woman.  Please identify the person if you have someone you’d like to share the room with.  Otherwise, you will be paired up with another woman in our group.

  • Fully catered to your own dietary requirements.

  • A banquet feast on the final evening to celebrate and honour your Warrioress Power.

  • Make and keep your own Warrioress Costume.

  • Bronze cast your very own sword, make the handle and sheath to keep it in.

  • Make, keep and decorate your very own shield.

  • 1 full body massage treatment

  • Empowerment workshops with handouts and supplies, teaching you the Seven Wonders of Warrioress.

  • You will be expertly guided and supported every step of this empowering experience.

  • A photo-shoot of you and your fellow Warrioresses on the final day adorned in your Warrioress costume, sword and shield. These photographs will be supplied to you digitally to use on social media and have printed and framed as a daily reminder of your Warrioress power.

  • No element of the course is compulsory but you will have the opportunity to do a fire walk in addition to other empowering exercises that provide bio-feedback on your self-belief, thinking and emotional responses.

  • Special gift at the end of the retreat!

  • Plus a few surprises…

No retreat should ever just be just a standalone event. After the event, you have access to 7 (1hr) weekly live webinars led by Olivia Beardsmore to review the Seven Wonders of Warrioress and how they are applying to your life. You can share your experiences with the women you met on the retreat and continue to develop your friendship as you support each other and receive insights and guidance.

Dates and time:  Tuesday 18th June 2019 – Arrival Time: 11am to Friday 21st June 2019 – Departure Time: 10am


Set in a stunning Georgian Lakeside Mansion on a 500 acre country park in Allesley, Coventry.

The 250year old delightful and spacious Georgian Menagerie is a replica of that built for Marie Antoinette at Palace of Versailles. It is set within private grounds in a 500acre country park. You may even get to sleep in the four-poster bed, handmade from oak gifted to the owners by Prince Charles. The grounds offer a full view of the stunning lake, home to herons, kingfishers and otters. Sit by the fire pit on the sofa suite and enjoy the tranquillity and luxury this awe-inspiring environment gives to you.

The Experience

Seven Wonders of Warrioress is retreat like no other. Not only will you transform into a powerful, enlightened Warrioress on the inside but you will be transformed into a Warrioress on the outside too. This is incredibly powerful!

You know what’s it’s like to try on a new dress and how incredible that feels when you’re all dress up for a special occasion. Now imagine what it will feel like putting on your Warrioress costume that you will design from your Warrioress discovered self along with the support of a professional costume designer. Then you place your bronze cast sword in your hand and weald your shield adorned with your own symbolic design. You will be ready to hit the world with such strength and determination that not only will you empower your own life with every action and decision you make as well as influencing those around you.

With a powerful and professional photoshoot to record this life-changing experience, you my Warrioress girl are ready to achieve your purpose and be the woman you are meant to be. As you are surrounded by a new support network of women, guided through the experiences by a highly trained and professional team who already know and live by their Warrioress or Warrior power.

You had me at ‘truly happy’

Meet the team…

Olivia Beardsmore

Olivia Beardsmore

Olivia’s purpose is to lead and share experiential training programmes and events that will enable individuals to connect with themselves to a much deeper level within a very short space of time. Results are significant, enabling participants to comprehend their true potential, overcome fear and anxiety, increase self-esteem to stratospheric levels and to understand through the heart that we can live our authentic, intuitive, wild, creative, wonderful unique selves.
Olivia is a modern-day Warrioress, a sassy, kick-ass work in progress. Her enthusiasm, irresistible smile and passion for life is truly infectious! One could think life has been easy for Olivia but those who know her intimately are aware that her Warrioress power is truly alive as she is passionately driven with a powerful determination to create the life she desires whilst calmly and serenely aligning herself with life’s challenges.
Her flagship courses; ‘Seven Wonders of Warrioress’ and ‘Seven Wonders of Warriorhood’ arecincredibly unique courses that simply cannot be experienced anywhere else. Olivia recognises clearly that she has been driven and guided to create this powerful and life-changing experience. No one on the planet is offering such a course and now is the time for it.
It’s time to reclaim your Warrioress power! Encompass and embody this forgotten wisdom and bring harmony and balance to the Earth and an innate wild happiness to your own life.

Will Lord

Will Lord

Will Lord excels in all aspects of primitive survival techniques including perfecting the art of flint knapping and is an expert at producing stone tools such as hand axes and arrowheads. His skillset covers the entire spectrum of skills needed to survive any time before the end of the Bronze Age including; prehistoric cooking, preparing and using animal hides, butchery, cordage and shelters.
Additionally, Will Lord is an experienced bowyer, making both Medieval longbows and primitive bow and arrow designs, based on archaeological evidence. Will Lord’s bows are often seen featured in TV documentaries.
As an experienced prehistoric re-enactor and experimental archaeologist, Will Lord has rediscovered the secrets of our ancestors who were after all, the original survival experts.
Recent work includes helping to prepare ‘Walking the Amazon’ TV presenter, Ed Stafford, for his new TV series ‘Naked And Marooned’ where Ed has to survive from a dead start situation, using only the materials within his environment.

Sarah Day

Sarah Day

Sarah is a bit of a contradiction; she divides her time between running a bespoke dressmaking business and working in schools with Will Lord dressed as an appropriately muddy, ochre stained cavewoman. She has also worked for one of the UKs top bushcraft schools for over 12years, teaching shelter building, fire by friction, plant ID and a variety of skills that create a sense of self-reliance and form a good foundation for a living life outdoors.
Sarah arrived at her love of ancient technology at a young age, and has been taking part in re-enactments of Tudor life since the age of 7; Experiencing first hand the transformative power of costume and its possibilities. It is also through re-enacting that Sarah got into sewing, making her own costumes from the age of 13 or so. This interest grew and led to Sarah start a degree in fashion and textiles in 2007.
Her dressmaking centres mainly on bridal wear where she relishes the challenge of creating unusual pieces, many of which have a historical or fantasy inspiration.
Sarah is interested in a variety of other crafts and skills, including leatherwork, tanning, pottery, basketry, vegetable dyeing, taxidermy and archery.

Rachel Ackerman

Rachel Ackerman

Rachel Ackerman is passionate about helping people find their voice and be their most authentic self. Rachel’s mission is to make the world a better place by helping heal one beautiful soul at a time. She believes we all have the tools inside ourselves to heal ourselves but sometimes it takes guidance to see it, and courage to own it. She wants everyone to celebrate their uniqueness and help awaken women to truly love themselves; whole-heartedly and unapologetically!

Fraser Christian

Fraser Christian

Fraser Christian is a highly qualified and experienced professional gourmet chef, with a long history of working in the catering industry. More recently inspiring many through his passion for local, sustainable and wild foods. Fraser’s unique blend and talent has seen him work with well-known celebrity chefs, such as Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall from the River Cottage and TV’s favourite Jamie Oliver. Fraser believes that in good hands, great fresh food is the secret to amazing taste and nutrition.

Richard Harris

Richard Harris

By day, Richard is a consultant in IT software sales – He has lead, grown and mentored teams in start-up companies for over 20 years. His desire for better communication, empowerment and self-realisation – both in himself and others, lead him to study with renowned Master Trainer David Shepherd, becoming a practitioner in NLP, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy in 2004. He is passionate about helping others become their true, authentic selves, taking ownership of their lives and helping remove the limiting self-beliefs that can hold us back.
At weekends he is an instructor with an Essex based Bushcraft company, teaching tracking and a variety of other skills. A firm believer in the healing power of nature and its grounding effect, his focus is enabling students to deeply immerse themselves in nature and truly understand the landscape they are in.

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