Firewalk Instructor & Empowerment Coach Certification

The Firebird Firewalk Training Course teaches heart-centred facilitation skills to bring the greatest transformation for your clients.

Dates: Friday 31st May – Sunday 2nd June 2024

Location: Whistlewood Common – Eco Roundhouse, Melbourne, Derby, Derbyshire. DE73 8DH


  • Do you want to deliver powerful, life-changing, experiential activities to your clients?
  • Do you want to train in empowerment techniques and activities – perfect for retreats, wellbeing courses, events, corporate work and festivals?
  • Do you want to deepen your relationship with the transformational and healing power of fire?
  • Do you want to be an Experiential Empowerment Coach & Fire Walking Instructor?

My name is Olivia Beardsmore. Join me for the…

Firewalk Instructor & Empowerment Coach Certification


Both our beautiful, delicate planet and humankind itself are in need of healing right now. There’s never been a better time to play your part – to learn to lead the hottest workshops on the planet!

From the first day that humankind created fire for survival, this unstoppable life force became symbolic of and inseparable from life itself. As we’ve evolved as a race, the original survival challenges have, for most of us, become easier – shelter, warmth, food and comfort. Yet, as life has become more complex, so many of us have become burnt-out, fearful, held back by limiting beliefs.

Connect with the magical power of fire

I have a profound connection with the element of fire.

For me, fire is a metaphor for life. I’ll take you through a series of transformative stages – to being alive with fire and radiating this vital energy to others.

You’ll learn to connect and understand the magical power of fire – from its creation to its physical and metaphorical function in our daily lives.

As you pass through this intensive course, you’ll enjoy a transformational experience as you learn the ancient skills to share these powerful experiential and life-changing experiences with others.

Your empowering gift to the world
You’ll enjoy the incomparable sense of satisfaction that comes from leading firewalks – one of the most healing and empowering gifts that you can give to the world.


What you get

  • Instruction on how to lead your own events in a style that’s heart-centred and spiritually inspired.
  • Comprehensive ongoing support.
  • A Firebird Firewalks certificate of completion signed by Olivia Beardsmore
  • Training in other related experiential activities, such as arrow breaking, board breaking, rebar bending and glass walking
  • Training to lead a firewalk from a small group to a large event.
  • Training on how to run a charity firewalk
  • Guidance on insurance and health & safety
  • Instruction on a variety of fire lighting techniques
  • Training in appropriate tools, equipment, types of wood, fire building.
  • Learning how to develop a personal and deep relationship with the power of fire
  • Along with the group, you will run a firewalking event supported by a Firewalking Instructor
  • You’ll learn professional presentation skills
  • You’ll personally unlock and release any limiting beliefs that might be holding you back from living your true authentic self
  • You’ll learn pricing and marketing skills
  • You’ll receive a teaching manual and digital documents for your own use
  • You learn fire ceremony

The Olivia Beardsmore story

Over the years, I’ve learned to develop a profound connection with the element of fire. The power of fire transformed my life. I now make use of this vital energy source to empower others.

I enjoy an unbridled, single-minded enthusiasm for work, for fun … for life! Beneath this positive, infectious demeanour lies a burning fire of passion to do everything within my power to unleash the power of others. I achieve this by applying revolutionary, transformational and ground-breaking courses and mentoring techniques, enabling people to connect with themselves on a much deeper level.

Taking you to stratospheric levels

Those I work with learn to identify, grasp and develop their true potential. They find they’re able to develop their self-esteem to stratospheric levels and to understand this profound truth –


through our hearts, we can live our authentic, intuitive, wild, creative, wonderful unique selves.


I am an internationally qualified experiential empowerment coach and firewalking instructor. With nearly two decades of experience in the events industry, founding The Bushcraft Show and Burning Woman Festival, I have a deep connection with the transformational power of fire.


Make a living through the life-force of fire

Through my insatiable, burning desire to be a Fire Walking Instructor, I not only pass on these skills to others but provide extra key elements that were missing from my own training – specifically, an unbreakable connection to the power of fire, enabling the owner of that power to deliver heart-centred firewalk instructor training and to learn how to run safe, profitable activities for retreats, festivals, corporate training and charity events.


Whistlewood Common – the perfect eco-location

Whistlewood Common – Eco Roundhouse, Melbourne, Derby, Derbyshire. DE73 8DH

Whistlewood is ten acres of community-owned land is set in the beautiful countryside of Melbourne, South Derbyshire. The site is designed according to permaculture principles (a sustainable design framework) so that it will work for people, for wildlife and be a welcoming space.


Delicious and healthy meals are included in throughout the course. The meals are prepared and cooked as a community around the fire as part of the connected experience.



You are welcome to stay onsite in a campervan or bring a tent. You are welcome to stay off-site. Please note that we finish around 9-10pm each night.


If you have any question or would like to connect, please book a call.


Course Price £1900 pp


Olivia is an amazing guide who is able to transform your very being with love, encouragement and empathy. She allows a heart guided learning environment, that grows organically but also with a structured foundation. Olivia values your questions and encourages you to explore your possibilities and potential. Olivia‘s ability to impart her love and respect of the fire is shown throughout the course. Her love and knowledge of her chosen medicine is boundless, and this shines through in her ability to hold space for you whilst on this learning journey with her. She encourages you from her heart to grow and set boundaries and honours you throughout the process. Olivia is a shining example of how to use the fire to create magic.

Paula Todd

Olivia has a natural way of passing a sense of calm and self-assuredness that was consistent. She is an amazing listener and is able to pin-point areas to support and orientate people to support their own sense of agency in tending to, preparing for and holding space for people to walk the fire. It is an extremely sacred and profound ritual and Olivia shows the appropriate respect and passion for her role, her ability to be present and support is heart-felt and makes her a formidable woman and guide to lead this transformational program.

Talisman Gabriel

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