Thanks so much for the special journey we took together on your fire walking course. Achieving the fire walk and arrow break was amazing. I love your energy and enthusiasm. You have definitely motivated me and I feel more connected and empowered now. I have been struggling with anxiety for a while now and I now feel back in the right place in my head if that makes sense. It was an amazing night. When you were talking to us and motivating us in the tent your passion and enthusiasm was infectious for sure. Really hope to see you next year as I will definitely be signing up again.

Alan Heyden

You have no idea how much admiration I had watching you lead on Saturday, start to finish warm, enthusiasm, inspirational a real joy to watch and dare I say hug? From a lost man that has been questioning his core can I take a moment to bow before you and say thank you for Saturday night.


Chris Jackson

Wow! Olivia delivers 100%!
Our Norfolk Hearth community was lit up by her burning woman presence. Somehow Olivia connects with diverse soul’s at an individual level. Inspiring and empowering and sharing divine feminine magic… giving confidence and release. A joy and delight to work with.

John & Sandy

Norfolk Hearth

I know I thanked you last night, but I just wanted to say it again, walking on hot coals has been a real high point of my year!!!!


Scott James

Fire walking with Olivia was an incredible experience. Her enthusiasm and positivity are truly contagious making the experience awesome, in the true awe inspiring meaning of the word. The experience is so much more than just walking on the hot coals; it’s confidence building, positivity and friendship. There is never any pressure to do anything, but the amazing atmosphere Olivia creates is so inspiring you feel you could achieve anything. I have depression and anxiety and some other mental health issues and this experience has really helped me on my road to recovery. If you are in two minds as to whether fire walking with Olivia is a good idea, do it. You absolutely wont regret it!

Anna James

I can throughly recommend the Full Moon Fire Walk. I did this with Olivia a few months back and it was truly one of the most empowering experiences of my life. Thinking back to that night has really given me strength these past few months. It showed me how much fear can really stop you, but when you push through that, you can achieve amazing things. Thank you Olivia for really looking after my needs that night, you are awesome. 

Melissa Wood

This year me and my husband have been together 10 years and what a 10 years it’s been. We have been through some really hard times but always overcome any hurdles together. My husband is not a thrill seeker nor very outgoing with an audience. When deciding how to celebrate our decade together and agreed that the average meal out or cinema wasn’t going to cut it. I suggested the Full Moon Firewalking experience, suggestively implying that he should walk over hot coals for me 😂. That was it, I arranged childcare, and it was booked!

On the evening we headed over to Whistlewood Common, the traffic was a nightmare and on empty stomachs we parked the car and headed over to greet many new faces. Once seated my hubby expressed, he was nervous and wasn’t sure if he could do it, I told him he could and would!

First, we took part in the arrow breaking, I had already experienced this before, we watched others do it and I could see Ash stepping closer getting ready to take his turn. In his words “I felt nervous, I was worried the arrow might go straight through my throat, I stepped forward and placed the arrow in the soft part of my neck and pushed forward. The arrow snapped into three pieces, and I felt relieved”. The next task was to walk over the glass as a connected group. As we stepped onto the broken glass, we could hear it crunching underneath our feet, the noise is satisfying, and we felt exhilarated. Our last mission of the night was to walk the fire under the full moon, ash was anxious. After watching several people walk it, he took to the front and went for it. I am so proud of him for doing it, it’s not his usual go to activity but he took it all in his stride.

As a couple we felt connected during the whole evening, we used each other for support and guidance and felt like we had overcome yet another hurdle. If we could do this together, then we can do anything.

Thank you for a great evening ❤️

Lots of love  x

Nat and Ash

My sister and I had a really fantastic experience so thank you so much. After losing our mum it was a really lovely way to honour her, start to heal ourselves and gain the courage and strength to embrace life. It was lovely to share this with such a loving and supportive group of people. 
Once again, thank you. 



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