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Take Your Firewalk or Empowerment Workshop to the Next Level with Empowerment Arrows!


Our Empowerment Arrows are the perfect tool to add an unforgettable dimension to your next firewalk or empowerment workshop.


Here's why you'll love them:


  • Made to Break Safely: These specially designed 28" wooden arrows are engineered to break under compression, ensuring a safe and empowering experience for everyone involved.
  • Consistent Quality: Manufactured to strict standards, each arrow is identical, providing a predictable and controlled snap.
  • Bulk Discounts: The more arrows you order, the more you save! (Discounts applied automatically at checkout)


Order your Empowerment Arrows today and get FREE UK delivery straight to your door!


Here's our pricing breakdown to fit your needs:

  • 30-100 Arrows: £1.20 each
  • 101-500 Arrows: £1.15 each
  • 501-800 Arrows: £1.10 each
  • 801-1000 Arrows: £1.00 each


Need arrows for an international fire walk or a larger order (over 1000 arrows)? 

Just email us at and we'll be happy to help!


Don't wait - empower yourself and your participants with the finest Empowerment Arrows!

Empowerment Arrows


801-1000 Arrows Discount


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