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Many Mwahs!

Updated: May 5

Many Mwahs!

Blow the virus – keep spreading the love!

by Olivia Beardsmore.

This morning I received a business email with the sign-off – ‘Many mwahs’. Boy, did that make me smile? In fact, I burst into a big giggle!

Me and my red lipstick

If you know me, you’ll know my trademark is my crimson-red lipstick. Back in the day, I used to wear a soft pale gloss, pretty much the same colour as my lips. Four years ago, I underwent a few life-changing experiences. They made me think, ‘Hey! It’s OK to be seen!’ So – me and my red lipstick became inseparable besties. She would show the world I was standing ‘in my power’.

What’s more, my red lipstick brings out my mischievous and cheeky side. One of my favourite tricks is to leave a red lipstick kiss on someone, ideally without them noticing. The trick is to say goodbye and kiss their cheek. I depart with a wink and a cheeky smile. They leave with a look of delighted surprise and a neat stencil of my lips on their cheek. I just hope no-one’s ever got into trouble!

I can’t tell you how many times my children have trotted off to school with a red lipstick mark on their forehead ?. They’re getting savvy now – they check my lips out before allowing me anywhere near 🙂 .

Daily event cancellations

But what about this dreadful Coronavirus? It’s causing so much uncertainly, unhappiness, illness and occasional loss of life. With different authorities around the world, reacting in different ways, it’s easy to become confused and fearful. Governments are encouraging us to isolate and avoid contact. Every day, we hear of more event cancellations.

Keep on kissing!

Here’s my message for today. More than ever, now is the time to connect. Clearly, we must put a hold on physical contact. But, surely, we should be using the power of technology and social media for good.

This is a time to send ‘many mwahs’ – as many as we can. Send kisses of love and support to those around you, every day! Reach out, offer help, uplift. Let’s kiss this planet back to emotional good health. Let every single one of us think about those we know – those who would love the surprise of an unexpected phone call, email or text – just to let them know we’re here … and that we love them. Yes – let’s send ‘many mwahs’.

Here’s one for you 💋

Sending you lots of love and #manymwahs

Olivia xxx

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