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Live Life Colourfully

Updated: May 5

By Olivia Beardsmore

For as long as I can remember, I am always been full of creativity, adventure and fun.

For years I’ve viewed sleeping as an inconvenience – cruelly getting in the way of what I crave most … life. I fight off sleep, desperate to make the most of those mystical midnight-to-morning hours when I’m at my most creative. Some of my most successful assignments have been all-nighters.

I’ve always felt that I need a hundred lifetimes to achieve everything that I want to do. Now, I’m approaching half a century. I have little choice, as I’m forced to surrender to the inevitable – the sad acceptance that my body just “ain’t what it used to be”. Climbing into my comfy bed and pulling my duvet under my chin. This is now my reward for a day well done.

I don’t know how long I have left on this beautiful planet. But be clear about one thing.  This girl will be living every day in a blaze of glorious technicolour!

An adrenaline junkie?

My children – bless their hearts – they’re now well used to tolerating a Mum who’s, (well, let’s be kind.) “different”. Not a home-baking, home-making mum. In fact, I’m grateful. These brilliant kids are well past finding me an uncomfortable embarrassment. They joke with their friends that their Mum walks on fire, trained to shoot a pistol in the Nevada desert and has done Krav Maga. Am I sounding like an adrenaline junky? Fine – ‘cos that’s exactly what I am. Next year’s fix? I’ll be whizzing down Europe’s longest zip wire.

Don’t get me wrong. I may not be conventional but all the whacky stuff is only one side of the Olivia coin. The other is quiet – a lover of nature and solitude, never happier than when reading, writing, painting or relaxing in a bubble-bathed bath, surrounded by candles and great vibes.

I’m a peacemaker. You know – that girl in the playground who, while everyone stood around shouting “fight, fight!”, would step between the warring antagonists, determined to keep them from each other’s throats. I hate fighting. Oh, make no mistake. I’ll scrap like a lioness to protect those I love. Do I sound like a contradiction? Well, that’s me! An introvert at heart who loves nothing more than to read a non-fiction book or to paint – yet I adore connecting and spending time with people, real people.

I’m the same with travel. I love it – but can’t stand packing. I’d rather be Dick Whittington – throwing a stick with a red hankie tied round one end over my shoulder and setting off to wherever takes my fancy. Life is certainly colourful as a fun-loving, wild, nature-loving, empowered Warrioress!

‘A boat is safe in the harbour … but that’s not what boats are for’ – Paul Coelho

Twelve years in the events and publishing industry was enough. I sensed a calling. You may find that a bit woo-woo, but for me, I knew I was here for a reason. I adored my job. It had brought so much joy and happiness – for me and to the lives of others. I knew it was time. Time to step out of my own comfort zone and grow. Back then, it was a scary decision and sometimes, still is.

Life – a patient, yet persistent teacher

For a while, I hid away – frightened to put myself forward into the big wide world. My previous working life had felt so much safer – more comfortable – hiding behind someone else and helping them to build their company. Life is a patient, yet a persistent teacher. Fail to learn a lesson and it will teach you again and again … until you get the message.

This time I took an honest look at myself and recognised that I wasn’t being authentic. I’d been given gifts and talents which I was hiding. Why wasn’t I sharing them instead? But I was scared. What if, having embarked on my new journey, people rejected me or thought me crazy?

Well – my time is now. My time to live my life in full, glorious colour … and you know what? It’s your time too!

Living the real you

Do you feel you’re on the wrong path? Are you sleep-walking or kidding yourself that your life is inauthentic? Are you living the real you?

You know that something needs to change, but what? The feeling can be overwhelming and bewildering. I remember it well. I knew with stunning certainty that I had to change. But, I wanted some divine intervention to tell me what to do. This was never going to happen – not without me taking the first step. Putting one foot in front of the other was an act of faith.  I wasn’t sure where I was heading but what I did know that taking each step with slow, steady determination was the only way to success.

Imagine climbing a mountain. If we just focus on the peak, we can easily feel overwhelmed. But – focus on each step, however exhausted or apprehensive we may feel, sure as hell, nothing can stop us. We will reach that summit.

And this is what I’ve done for you. I’ve created a formula for your life – one that will guide you to live life colourfully, step-by-step.

Don’t you love rainbows? I reckon everyone does. We’re all drawn by their brightly enigmatic beauty, their wonderful mystery. It’s no coincidence that there are seven colours in the rainbow and seven stages in my formula. Seven is definitely a magic number. In numerology, the number 7 is the number of the spiritual quest.

Living life colourfully

There are seven stages to live life colourfully


Self-love first – then love others.


Face your fears, challenges and step out of your comfort zone.


Light is knowledge, insight to a new perspective. The sun provides warmth and light, which enable us to grow.


Building on your love, courage and newfound knowledge, you then can grow. This growth gives you energy to develop, make changes, support others etc.


As you grow you implement your knowledge and share your learning and awakening like ripples in a lake, which has impact on others.


This could be in the form of internal or external battles. At this stage, you can face challenges as you take action or make changes in your life, which help you learn new ways to grow or implement your learning.


After taking action, we reflect and take time to heal. A bruise is often this colour and then it begins to heal.

Life is a canvas and you are holding the brush” – Olivia Beardsmore

In life’s spectrum, the colours and experiences are all connected – the cycle continues. I find the rainbow a wonderful metaphor for understanding life as a colourful journey. It would be great to remove some elements from our life but then … where would our growth be? What would be our purpose if we failed to learn from our battles and to make changes in our lives?

Use the colours in your life to bring your life to colour


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