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Your Personal Surv-eye-val Guide

Updated: May 5

Your Personal Surv-eye-val Guide!

by Olivia Beardsmore

Did you know? Your eyes reveal far more about you than you may think. They are literally the window to your soul – revealing much about your character and your genetic make-up. They even reveal how you are likely to respond in a survival situation.

You’ll be aware of the common responses to survival situations – fight, flight and freeze. We’ve all experienced stressful moments in our lives – but have you ever encountered a survival situation where your life was under threat?

Look into my eyes…

I’ve always been fascinated by eyes. Some twenty-five years ago, I decided to find out more about these miraculous organs. In a little Glastonbury bookshop, I discovered a book called Iridology – a unique diagnostic technique, based on hundreds of years of empirical observations. By analysing the iris – the coloured part of the eye – Iridology determines a person’s state of health, wellbeing and pinpoints potential weak areas.

Inspired by this book, I read many others, took a course and qualified as an iridologist. So how do our eyes relate to our survival and how we react in a survival situation?

Knowledge is Power

The iris has complex nerve connections to each part of the body, and this information is stored in the iris, either as genetic strengths and weaknesses, past illnesses or potential weakness of your body. Each of us has a unique iris pattern in the same way that we have individual fingerprints. Armed with this information, and without the need for invasive medical tests, we can make lifestyle choices best suited to our body’s requirements.

Stress Rings

One of the markings, easily seen with the naked eye, are stress rings – concentric circles around the perimeter of the iris. Here’s what they look like -

When I tell a client that they have stress rings, they usually chuckle and say, “I’m not surprised!” However, stress rings don’t mean your life is stressful or that you’re a stressful person. Instead, stress rings indicate that you would react more quickly in a stressful or survival situation.

Have a look at your iris using a magnification mirror to see if you have stress rings or ask a friend to take a look using a magnifying glass in good lighting.

Facing a hungry lion

Here’s a stress example – fortunately, not a very typical one! Imagine there’s a lion standing right in front of you. If you have stress rings, you’d be up a tree and away from danger much more quickly than me, who doesn’t have stress rings. I’d be evaluating whether I needed to react… does the lion look a threat? Could I walk around it and casually saunter off? Having made my evaluation, I might even decide to climb the tree to safety – although possibly, by then, I’d be too late! Depending on the situation, either reaction might be right.

Have you ever been involved in a survival or stressful situation with a group of others? Think back to how each person responded. As they processed the situation, were some calmer than others? Did others act quickly? Did they show their fear? Did some become anxious or distressed? If you’re still in touch with these people, perhaps you could check out whether or not they have stress rings.

Learning about ourselves

I’m fascinated by the whole concept of Iridology. It’s a fascinating way to find out about ourselves and to consider how nurture and nature impact how we react in survival situations. Supported by this information, we’ll be better placed to learn new ways to deal with survival and stressful situations.

Turning Fear into Power

So – what of this fear and anxiety that so many of us, perfectly naturally, experience?

These are tough times – for us all.

Even if you’ve stayed healthy in body and mind, even if you’ve kept your job, even if the Coronavirus hasn’t touched you directly – you will know someone, probably someone close to you, who has been hurt in some way by this dreadful pandemic.

And what’s the single common outcome that has affected almost all of us?


Fear for our future.

Fear for our present.

Fear for ourselves but also for those we’re close to.

Thank goodness there’s a way out – a way to overpower the debilitating feeling that uncertainty brings. And this way out? Well, it’s you. You and your amazing Superpower – your ability to enhance that wonderful gift that’s within us all – empowerment.

A Day with Olivia

There’s no doubt that we’re all capable of self-empowerment. It’s there. Inside us. The problem is how to access it, how to spark it into life. This is where I come in.

Spend just a single day with me, and I’ll show you how to face and overcome your core fear. Think of the day as a journey. We begin with simply getting you still – getting you to breathe correctly and calmly. We locate your core fear and identify it for what it is.

Confronting the fear

Next, we deal with this fear – face it head-on. We undertake a series of experiential activities that powerfully confront and break down the fear, releasing you from its grip and finally – leaving you free to flourish and to live your life.

Throughout the process, as your fears decrease, you’ll feel your own unshakeable power remorselessly grow. You’ll stand in your strength.

What are the experiential activities? Well, they may include an arrow break, flaming board break or even a glass walk. I’m experienced at guiding clients through any number of activities, depending on their individual needs. Whatever path we take, you can be sure that, by the end, you feel a different person. Free from fear – positively empowered.

To learn more or book your Empowerment Day with Olivia call 07707 171766 or email

I have an unbridled, single-minded enthusiasm for work, for fun … for life! Beneath this positive, infectious demeanour lies a burning fire of passion for doing everything within my power to unleash the power of others. We all have enormous potential.

I lead and share experiential training programmes and events. These are designed to enable people like you and me to connect with themselves on a much deeper level. The results are often spectacular. Those I work with learn to identify, grasp and develop their true potential. They find they’re able to increase self-esteem to stratospheric levels and to understand the following profound truth – that through our hearts that we can live our authentic, intuitive, wild, creative, wonderful unique selves.

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